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​​​​​Success in School Email ​Series


Every parent wants their children to succeed in school.

As a parent, you want your child to do well in school, but ​some children need a little ​intervention — such as extra help from parents to stay on track. This five-week email series focuses on strategies developed by Boys Town parenting experts that will show real results — from improved study habits to better test scores and overall grades.​

Each week, you’ll ​receive information ​and advice about a specific topic ​relating to your child’s ​academic life, as well as a teaching activity and a social skill that you and your child can work on together.

Here are some of the lessons we’ll cover:

  • Obeying Teachers and Following Rules
  • Peer Pressure and Getting Along with Classmates
  • ​Bringing Harmony to Homework
  • Establishing a Routine
  • Becoming an Involved Parent​
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