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 Everyone has some anxiety, but what should you do when your child's anxiety disrupts normal activities?

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Recognizing the Signs of Anxiety and Depression in Children

Have you caught coronavirus panic? Stop your stress and mentally reset!

​​The stock market is gyrating. Schools are closing. A virus is spreading. Thousands are self-quarantining. And any public sniffle or sneeze is getting a suspicious side-eye.

The Four Things I Learned Parenting My Anxious Child

Anxiety effects everyone; however, for some people, anxiety can cause significant impairment academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally.

5 Tips for Easing Anxiety in Kids

Feelings of anxiety in kids are often the result of struggling with things they don’t understand because they are not sure of what is going to happen and when.

Parenting a Fearful, Anxious Child

Terrorism, acts of brutality, and armed conflicts are simply a sad reality. Violence, whether targeted or random, down the street or across the globe, is emotionally jarring to many children.

When Should I Seek Professional Help for My Child’s Anxiety?

Everybody experiences anxiety, but anxiety doesn't cause impairment for everybody. The time to seek professional help is when anxiety is causing impairment.

Attacking Separation Anxiety in Young Children

When I take my daughter to preschool in the morning, she insists that I sit with her in class. I have tried leaving the classroom for thirty minutes at a time, but then she clings more.

Dealing With Separation Anxiety as a Mom

My husband and I are leaving in a week to celebrate our anniversary in Jamaica. How do I explain this to my son, and how do I actually enjoy myself while on our trip?

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