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Coping with the Coronavirus

​​​​​​​Downloadable Resources & Strategies to get you through the Pandemic Panic

Mandatory school closings. Voluntary self-isolation. Panic buying. Social distancing.

The speed at which daily life has been disrupted and upended by the coronavirus has left many children and families feeling unprepared. And the uncertainty of when “normal" will return is a source of stress and anxiety for many, and even anger for some.

Whether your family is living in lockdown, adjusting to unfamiliar routines, coping with new restrictions, or simply trying to make the most of inconveniences large and small, Boys Town is here to help.

Our physicians, psychologists, parenting experts, education specialists and counselors have advice, insights, strategies and encouragement to get you through the unpredictability and unknowns that lie ahead. Trust Boys Town to provide recommendations and suggestions that will reduce anxiety and family stress, keep you connected and help you remain resilient.​

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Daily Dose of Digital Support​

Day 1: Digital Support for families in this time of crisis

Day 2: Smooth Scheduling

Day 3: Communication is Key

Day 4: Consequences

Day 5: Staycation Activities

Day 6: Additional Resources to Keep You Entertained

Day 7: Brain Breaks

Day 8: Healthy Habits

Day 9: Get Energized

Day 10: Keep the Peace

Day 11: Story Time

Day 12: Staying Calm

Day 13:Giving Back

Day 14:#PraiseItOn

Day 15:Managing Sadness and Stress

Day 16:Family Routines and Relationships

Day 17:Making the Most Out of Learning and Working from Home

Day 18:Reconnect at the Table

Day 19:Making the Most of Mealtime​