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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Power of Positive Praise

While it’s important and necessary to ​correct your child’s negative behaviors, it’s a lot more fun (and ​just as important) to praise him or her for doing the right things. When children are constantly reinforced for positive behaviors, they gradually make those behaviors a permanent part of who they are and how they act. And you’ll love how your child lights ​up whenever he or she receives praise from you!

Using Your Personalized Praise Box

Praise box Praise box
  • Have your child color their ​personalized praise box, label it ​with their ​name and hang it on their bedroom door.
  • Whenever you catch your child being good, write down your praise statement on one of the cards ​provided and put it in the box.
  • At the end of the day, have your child count all the good things ​they ​did.

For a gift of $25 or more, we will send you a Praise Box for your child. For a gift of $50 or more, we will send you a Praise Box for your child, and an additional Praise Box will be distributed to a child at Boys Town. Make your gift now and pick your praise box.

Catch kids being good

Read an interview with Boys Town behavioral expert, Dr. Greg Snyder,
on praise and how to use it with the Praise Box.

Other tools ​to keep positive behaviors high and negative behaviors low

Joy and Job Cards

Place these cards in a jar or bag, and let your child draw one anytime you want to reward them for good ​behavior or need to give them a consequence for negative behavior.

Teach Them Integrity

People who act with integrity are honest and have a strong sense of morals — ​so, how can you raise your children to have integrity? Try the one-week integrity ​​challenge.