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Keeping Our Kids Safe Online

Keeping kids safe online

​​​​Today's kids have grown up with the internet, using it daily for educational, social and entertainment purposes. While the internet offers great opportunities to learn, create and communicate, it also poses safety concerns. That's why it is so important to ensure that you are doing all you can to keep your kids safe online.

“At Boys Town, we encourage parents to be involved in all aspects of their children's lives, including what they are doing online," said Bridget Barnes, Boys Town Common Sense Parenting® Program expert. “As parents, it is vitally important to teach your kids to be respectful of the power of the internet and to show respect to those they interact with online. Be proactive and check out the sites your kids want to visit in advance to make sure that you approve before allowing them access."

Here are some important online safety guidelines:

  • Discuss internet safety and develop an online safety plan with your kids.
  • Set clear guidelines for your children's internet use.
  • Teach your children to spot red flags (some safety tips are listed below).
  • Encourage open communication with your kids about online activities.
  • Supervise your children's internet use, periodically checking their profiles and posts.

Many kids are confident that they are being safe online, but they often “overshare" information and fail to realize the consequences of their ac​tions. As parents, it is our responsibility to monitor our kids' internet use to ensure that they have positive and age-appropriate online experiences.

Here are some important online safety tips to share with your kids:

  • Never put any personal information like names or addresses online.
  • Do not send photos or respond to people you don't know.
  • Keep all passwords private.
  • Do not download information without permission.
  • If you see something odd or receive strange messages, say something to an adult immediately.

A variety of online apps also are available to help you monitor your child's online activities including:

As parents, we all must be mindful that there are predators, identity thieves and others online who may try to do our children harm. That's why it's so important to make your kids aware by teaching them about online dangers and how to avoid them.

Boys Town offers a variety of valuable resources for parents including classes like Common Sense Parenting® and parenting guides, articles, videos, tools and quick tips on a variety of subjects developed by Boys Town experts. For more information, visit