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Children and Video Games

Boys Town offers advice to parents considering purchasing video games for their kids. New video games are being released and the holidays are fast approaching- Boys Town wants to help parents manage video game use in your household this holiday…


The Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health is offering important information for parents about the warning signs of ADHD. Most children are full of energy, but when impulsivity and having a hard time focusing start to cause problems in school,…

Positive Praise

Well-documented research from the Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health suggests positive peer reporting helps socially rejected students. Students “tattle” to the teacher about their positive interactions with the ostracized student. This allows the child’s classmates to see his/her good…

At The Table

Dinner at the Table May Make Teenage Years Easier.

Imaginative Play

The release of the new Cinderella movie has Boys Town parenting experts encouraging families to take part in the ​fantasy.