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Youth Learn Violence Not the Answer for Resolving Conflict

Boys Town New York youth had the unique ​opportunity to attend a seminar hosted by world champion Muay Thai fighter, Phil Nurse, to learn the discipline it takes to walk away from a fight.

Ajarn Phil ("Ajarn" meaning the level of teacher he has become in Muay Thai) is a world class Mixed Martial Arts trainerwho has trained UFC champions like Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones and Frankie Edgar.

The seminar consisted of Ajarn Phil introducing Boys Town New York youth to a traditional Mixed Martial Arts/Muay Thai warm-up that consisted of pushups, toe touches and Thai squats. After the youth warmed up, they learned traditional martial arts techniques and even had individual sessions with Ajarn Phil on the mitts. After learning the techniques, the boys got to step in the ring with Ajarn Phil and his two professional fighter/trainers for a light sparring session.

After the workout, Ajarn Phil shared his story, how he grew up in England, started fighting Muay Thai, and eventually became a champion. He told them about the discipline it takes to be a fighter, as well as the humility it takes to know that violence is not the answer on the streets, and the value of walking away is what will keep them safe and honorable.