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Wegner Youth Thank Boys Town Police Officers

If you ​have been to Dowd Chapel on Home Campus recently, chances are you have seen a large sign hanging on the altar. That sign reads “Thank You Boys Town Police From Wegner School!”

After hearing of violence against police in the news, seventh and eighth grade Wegner students wanted to show their gratitude for the Boys Town Police Department and all they do to help keep the Village of Boys Town safe.

“Students, especially in middle school, are at the age where they should learn to show thanks by writing,” said Ms. Boje, Wegner School Seventh and Eighth Grade Teacher. “They were affected by the news reports recently where there was violence against police officers. We discussed what they do, what they risk and the passion they have to keep people safe.  We then talked specifically about our Boys Town police and how they are so helpful to us.  Students wanted to show gratitude for people whose career choice is difficult but rewarding.” 

In addition to making the sign that hangs on the Dowd Chapel altar, the youth also sent hand-written notes to the Boys Town police officers. The notes expressed their continued gratitude for the work they do to help them and everyone else in the Village.

“Boys Town police officers are a part of the fabric of our village. They help our kids when they struggle, they train our safety patrol and keep an eye on our students when they move around the campus,” said Cathy DeSalvo, Wegner School Principal.  “Just last week they helped us show off a race car to the Wegner students and Chief Crowley joined us for lunch. They are a welcome presence in our schools.”

On Wednesday, September 23, Boys Town Police Chief Marty Crowley thanked the Wegner students, stating: “in my 44 years as a police officer I have received few letters of thank you for my work; that is until last week when I received dozens of thank you letters from all of you. You really made my officers and me feel much appreciated here at Boys Town. Thank you so much.”