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Volunteer Highlight: Yoshi Mercado

We have a great team of Volunteer Family Mentors, including Yoshi Mercado. 

Mercado started her time with Boys Town California as a Child Care Assistant, but wanted more interaction with the families and parents.  She became a volunteer shortly after being hired and has supported four families.  Her first families were challenging, but Mercado says, “A lot of people want someone their own age, but as long as you are trained in and understand the Boys Town mission and parenting skills, anyone will make a great volunteer.”

Mercado was first attracted to Boys Town California because of the parenting classes.  Even though she is single and does not currently have kids of her own, Mercado says these skills help anyone.  Mercado loves to see families understand and use the Parenting Skills from the Common Sense Parenting® course. 

She helps families find shelter, food, educational expertise and even support for children that have behavioral and mental health issues.  She says her time as a volunteer has helped her feel she is having a positive impact on parents and kids in the community while helping others.  Mercado is an excellent volunteer and Boys Town California is thankful to have her.