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Undefeated Boys Town Football Overcome Adversity

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This story is written by ​Miranda Christian and was posted on on October 29, 2015.

Last season the Boys Town football team made it to the first round in playoffs but lost by one point. Friday night’s game is also the first round of playoffs and they are looking for the win.

They come into playoffs 9-0. Their undefeated record comes from the hard work of these dedicated players.

“They have done everything we have asked them to do,” said Coach Kevin Kush.

He said the Cowboys are thriving under adverse situations. A lot of the players are new to the game, and the team.

Boys Town will take in boys from difficult pasts, and they come from all over the country.

“It is a challenge because kids come and go and you just set some ground rules,” said Kush.

But the team is finding a way to overcome adversity and defeating every team that steps on the field with them. Although they are going into playoffs undefeated, the players aren’t focused on their 9-0 season.

“I don't think about being undefeated; right now everyone is 0-0 because its playoffs so anything can happen,” said senior receiver, and third year returner, Rodney Roiser.
He said that this season is his best yet, “last year the leadership was not as high as it is this year.”

Junior tackle, Domincik Barret, had had family come through the program. His brother Shaquil Barret now plays for the Denver Broncos. Barret said seeing his brother, and others  succeed, inspires him on the field.

“If he can make it, we all can make it.”

Coach Kush is in his 20th season at Boys Town, he said the football program is about more than the game.

“We use football as a way of building a better young man,” said Kush.

He said they are focused on Friday night’s game and are taking it one victory at a time, “we don't look farther than today.”

The boys said Friday night can’t come soon enough.

“Excited is not the word, I am super pumped I'm ready, I think we can win,” said Barrett.

“I won’t be able to sleep tonight, I'm that exited, just thinking about plays,” said Roiser.

The game kicks off Friday night at 7pm at Boys Town against Syracuse. 11/2/15 update: Boys Town defeated Syracuse 14-13 on October 30th, 2015 to advance in the playoffs.