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The Main Life Lesson I Have Learned At Boys Town

We asked our ​kids in Wegner School to answer that question. Here are some of their responses. They will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eyes. Please be encouraged…Father Peter

1. I think the main lesson I have learned here at Boys Town is that I don’t have to hold back from happiness. I don’t have to live in fear…Gina

2. The lesson I have learned here this year is to control my anger. I let my anger get the best of me. It is important to practice when bad things happen….Harris

3. I learned that if someone is giving you some feedback, say OK. It works better that way…John

4. I learned I am supposed to accept negative feedback and show respect. I decided to learn these lessons because it makes everything easier in life…Leo

5. I learned this year that I can change. I don’t have to be the same person making the same mistakes and I can even be happy…Angel

6.The main thing I have learned at Boys Town is not giving up.I have learned there is no such thing as a bad boy or girl. I decided when a challenge comes my way instead of slowly shrinking away, I am going to keep trying and not give up and that’s not too hard…Miracle

7.The main lesson I learned was you don’t need other people telling you that you are pretty or have an awesome personality. This lesson keeps me out of trouble because I wouldn’t need guys with me all the time telling me what I want to hear so I would feel good about myself.I am going to carry my great self-esteem with me and be a strong, independent young woman…Mia 

8. The lesson I learned is most of the time to cool my anger down and build a relationship with my family. I keep trying…Eugene

9. This year, I have learned to be respectful. Being respectful is part of life. If you are respectful, others will be respectful to you…Robert

10.I learned this year I have to be a man of my word. It has taught me a lot. God has been testing this skill and I have gotten myself on the right path…Lonnie

11.  I have learned when I am in need and about to give up, I can trust God who can help me when I am in need of help…Georgia

12. I learned it is not OK to lie and disrespect your peers even though you don’t like them. You can make them depressed by doing that…Thomas

13. I have learned this year how to have appropriate boundaries with a girl. Friendship is easier this way…Daniel

14.I have learned this year at Boys Town that you have to be around a lot of knuckleheads and you have to learn what to do around them…George