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Texas Holds Book Fair for Boys Town Youth

​On July 13, Boys Town Texas hosted a book fair where 65 youth from Foster Care, In-Home Family Services and Common Sense Parenting® classes were each able to take home four books, one toy and one backpack. There were even Girl Scout Cookies for everyone to enjoy.

“They were really grateful,” Alexa Padalecki, Donor Relations Specialist, said. “I think we take for granted how much joy a book can bring. [Boys Town youth] don’t necessarily have the opportunity [to read on an iPad] or go to Barnes and Noble and pick out a new book.”

SAReads, a project of Literacy San Antonio, Inc,. whose goal is to significantly increase literacy and education attainment, donated over 100 books to Boys Town Texas. Those donations and the donations from other community members over the past year made the second annual book fair possible.

“Especially in the summer, it’s important for the youth to keep reading,” Padalecki said. “I think it’s important to instill a love of learning and reading and discovery at a young age.”

To add to the excitement, the fair was paired with the donations Boys Town Texas received from KENS 5 Sports Anchor, Vinnie Vinzetta. At the end of June, Vinzetta celebrated his birthday week by doing a random act of kindness each day. One of his random acts was donating brand​​ new toys to Boys Town.

The youth who attended the book fair were able to choose from a wide variety of summer toys, such as Slip ‘N Slides, giant bubbles makers, basketballs, footballs and more.

Thanks again to Literacy San Antonio, Inc., and Vinnie ​Vinzetta for your generous donations!

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