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Teen Transforms Her Life with Help from Boys Town Washington D.C.

Almost all at-risk kids and troubled families need help to get back on their feet. Some just need a small boost of care and services to create the momentum that will help them make necessary changes. Others, like Marie and her family, need a continuous flow of support and assistance on their journey of healing.

Marie had been involved in the juvenile justice system for years and had been placed on probation for numerous offenses, as well as truancy. After failing to follow the conditions of her probation, the 16-year-old was admitted to the Intervention and Assessment Services program at Boys Town Washington D.C. 

“When Marie came to Boys Town, she expressed a strong desire to turn her life around,” said Trevor, the teen’s Boys Town Family Consultant. “She said she wanted to engage in more positive actions, go back to school and graduate with her class. She was tired of being in the system and wanted her mother to be proud of her.”

Shortly after her assessment, Marie had made enough progress with her behaviors to move to one of the site’s Family Homes, where she would continue to receive care and learn social skills in a family-style residence headed by a trained married couple called Family-Teachers®.

“Marie worked extremely hard on her studies so she could catch up with her class,” Trevor said. “She was willing to do whatever it took, even if that meant taking extra classes. She also started attending church, where she sang in the choir. She was really motivated to change.”

After about six months, Marie was ready to move back home with her mother and siblings. To help her transition home, Marie and her family received additional assistance through Boys Town’s In-Home Family Services®, where a Consultant worked with family members in their home to help create a safe, nurturing environment.

“Making her mom proud was really important to Marie,” Trevor said. “She wanted to be there for mom and support her. So Marie was respectful, went to school and work on time, followed Mom’s instructions and rules, and worked hard to generalize the skills she learned at Boys Town.”   

Last May proved to be an important month for Marie, as she graduated from high school with her class.

“Everything Marie said she was going to do when she first arrived at Boys Town, she did,” Trevor said. “It’s so great to see a kid like Marie move through our Integrated Continuum of Care and completely change her life around. That’s what makes Boys Town so special. I can honestly say that without the support and care she received from Boys Town, all of that would not have been possible.”

Marie’s plans now include attending college, something she never thought would have been possible prior to coming to Boys Town. Thanks to Boys Town and Marie’s commitment to changing her life and her future, her dreams and all the opportunities they hold are now within reach.       

The stories provided about the children and families in our care are real. In some cases, names and details may be changed, and stock photos may be used, to protect their privacy and therapeutic interests.