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Spurs Sports and Entertainment Donates Tickets to Boys Town Families

Sporting ​events are a normal part of life. From childhood into adulthood, many individuals seek out and attend high school, college and professional games for the competitive and entertaining atmosphere. Yet for many children at Boys Town, they have never had the opportunity to attend a game.

Now, thanks to Spurs Sports & Entertainment, they do.

Joyce Horner, Development Director at Boys Town Texas, has “a great relationship with the Community Responsibility Coordinator for Spurs Sports & Entertainment.” The company has sent Boys Town around 20 tickets to the last few San Antonio Stars games. The tickets are Plaza Level, allowing the youth and their families to be close to the action.

The Stars, a Women’s National Basketball Association in San Antonio, are coached by Dan Hughes and play at the AT&T Center. The games draw a large crowd with average an attendance of more than 7,000 people.

Spurs Sports & Entertainment has also donated tickets to San Antonio Spurs National Basketball Association games and San Antonio FC professional soccer games.

“It is such an awesome experience for our children to be at the AT&T Center watching professional athletes,” Horner said.

The tickets are distributed “to the kids and families in all of our programs, and if some are left over, to our staff and their families.”

Julius Hunter, Foster Care Consultant, and Lindy Best, In-Home Family Services Consultant have the opportunity to distribute tickets to the families they work with. The families who receive the tickets are based on availability and who has expressed interest.

“Often we receive tickets with a short amount of lead time and so we have to go with those whose schedule is open on short notice,” Hunter said.

Best explained that “some families don’t have the means to be spending money but still need the quality time and opportunity to go out in the community and bond with children.” Since many families have three or four kids, attending events is costly.

“They really appreciate the tickets,” she said.

The basketball games are more than just entertainment. They serve as a learning and enrichment opportunity, allowing the youth in Boys Town care programs to expand their horizons and see what’s out there in the world.

“Attending a sporting event like this is so important because it provides normalcy for the children, which is something we want to provide every child in care,” Hunter said. “Most of us can recall the day we went to the big game with mom or dad, and we want our kids to have this same experience and be able to share it with others.”

Best said that it “broadens their minds” and “raises their spirits. It’s motivating.”

Something as simple as a basketball game can have a huge impact on the youths’ lives.

“The kids talk about the experience for weeks after and the thought of it brings a big smile to their faces,” Hunter said. “Many of these kids come from homes where they did not have these simple opportunities.”

Opportunities that most people take for granted.

Thank you to Spurs Sports & Entertainment for providing our children and families with these opportunities!