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South Omaha Office Participates in Cinco De Mayo Celebrations

Boys Town ​Nebraska/Iowa marched along in a parade and provided information about Boys Town programs during Cinco de Mayo celebrations in South Omaha on Saturday, May 2.

The celebration attracts people from all over the region each year, which allows Boys Town to reach a broader audience, as well as educate community residents on services available to them through Boys Town’s South Omaha office.

Volunteers from a variety of departments were part of the celebration, engaging with the community in a very fun and positive way.  About 40 participants marched in the parade and over 15 people helped at the informational booth, playing games with children and providing useful information regarding Boys Town programs and resources within the community.

Family-Teachers Patrick and Heather Butler brought five girls from their home to walk in the parade and experience another culture. “We decided to volunteer to walk in the parade because we knew it would be a good teaching opportunity for the girls to see different cultures and to learn to show respect for other beliefs.” said Heather.

“There is no better way to reach and engage a community than to actively participate in celebrations like Cinco de Mayo.  We have been very fortunate to be invited for the second year in a row to be the reference organization at the youth’s area, which is one of the three main areas of the carnival.” said Rafael Santa-Maria, Community Engagement Developer. “Thanks to all the volunteers that made this activity a meaningful one for the youth and families in the community.”