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Richmond Hill Youth Writes Touching Thank You Letter

​​​​​After completing the program, Adreanna wrote a ​​​touching letter ​thanking ​Boys Town ​New York ​staff for ​​believing in her.

Read her full letter below.

Dear Ms Star, Dear Ms Corrin, Dear Ms Ashley, Dear Ms Vanessa, Dear Ms Shariva, Dear Ms Michelle,

Day by day im growing... 

​Ight so boom, I really kant believe that im leaving 2morrow. Im not ready to leave but im ready to move on to the next step to get me home. These extra days that ive had, im thank full for. It prepared me for 2morrow. Looking bakk at my stay with ya... lol we really went thru alot. You guys really had patience with me and i thank you for that. Forreal. Alot of people give up on me bekuz of my attitude and the way that i say certain things but you guys didnt. When i first walked thru that door i was out of kontrol. I spit on Ms Star, kursed out Ms Vanessa, never liked Ms Shariva, & Had my attitude moments with Ms Ashley. Its alot more but im writing to you guys in this letter. You guys took time to teach me when nobody else in the house new how to deal with me. You all have heard some and parts of my story and understood where i kame from. You all felt like my family and Richmond Hill kouldnt give me anything more. It feels good to know that ya really kared from the heart and kept on karing even when i was at my worst. Richmond Hill staff helped me change and realize that i kant keep going down the​ road i was going down. Im not going to say that i changed over night bekuz i didnt but ya helped me get thru and start the process. lol From breaking 3 phones, a popcorn machine, flipping chairs, and kursing staff out everyday to learning how to kontrol my anger, talk with someone, and now accepting change. I did it but ya made it happen. ​Thank you. I ​promise that I won't forget about you guys and I'll be kalling and visiting. So expect to hear from me from time to time. I will forever be your child.

Thanks for your love, your patience, and your open arms. I love you. Dont forget about me!

P.S. Tell my peer Keisy I said BLTTT!

Sincerly your child 4Ever
-Andreanna Janey Merice

I'll love Richmond 4 Ever.

See the original letter below.