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Paying It Forward

Teen boy smiling

Every year, thousands of New Yorkers turn to their local churches for food, clothing and shelter during the cold winter months. The need is great, and these churches are always there for families that lack the basic necessities.

This winter, youth from Boys Town New York's Intervention and Assessment Services program stepped up to give back to their local community churches through volunteerism. 

Every Tuesday, from last October through December, girls from our Richmond Hill site and boys from our Dean Street location volunteered in the food pantry at the Love Fellowship Tabernacle in Brooklyn. At the same time, boys from our Bergen Street location helped out by cleaning and preparing The Greater Deliverance Cathedral in Woodhaven for weekend services.

One Bergen Street youth shared what volunteering meant to him:

"I really enjoyed doing community service. I helped out at a church that Bergen attends church at. Me and my peers were able to help with the cleaning and preparing the church for its next service. What I enjoyed most about it was seeing the good job that we did after we were finished. I also enjoyed seeing how much everyone appreciated our help. I was challenged when I felt like the task wouldn't be able to be completed because it looked like it would be a lot of work. I was able to finish it along with my other peers at Boys Town, which made me feel good about myself. I would volunteer again to do community service because I really do enjoy helping others. I think that helping in the community shows that you care for your community."

"We were so grateful to have the boys volunteer to help clean up for Sunday services," said Apostle Joyce James of The Greater Deliverance Cathedral. "Thank you for doing an excellent job and sharing your blessings with the church."

We at Boys Town New York are proud that our youth have paid it forward to their local communities by giving back to the Love Fellowship Tabernacle and The Greater Deliverance Cathedral. We look forward to future partnerships within the local community that will encourage the youth in our programs to think bigger than themselves and understand how that can positively impact their communities.​