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Mother, Son Credit Boys Town for Helping Them Find Peace

As Sharon filed the police report against her son Jack, she was overwhelmed with confusion and hopelessness. What had led her only child to this terrible place of anger and violence?

Jack and Sharon had their ups and downs, like any mother and son. But as Jack grew older, his anger became harder to manage. He was no longer just a kid who occasionally got upset with his mom. At school, he often was in trouble for fighting with fellow students and threatening teachers, and had been suspended several times.

What was most difficult for Sharon to cope with was how Jack treated her. His behavior at home had increasingly become more dangerous and threatening, escalating from yelling profanities at her to a particularly intense fight that ended with Jack hurling a vase at his mother (and thankfully missing her).

After that fight, Sharon had the police arrest her son for domestic battery. It was one of the hardest things she ever had to do, but she felt there were no other options, knowing that Jack’s aggressive behavior had reached a breaking point.

That’s when Boys Town South Florida stepped in.

Sharon was referred to the site’s Care Coordination Services program, and Nick, a Boys Town Consultant, began meeting with her and Jack. Nick discovered that Jack had never had any form of therapy or treatment to help him work through his anger management issues.

Nick immediately scheduled a psychiatric evaluation for Jack, which helped guide Boys Town in providing ways for him to cope with his anger. Jack then started meeting with a Boys Town therapist and started taking medication that helped keep his anger in check.

While Jack’s road to rebuilding his relationship with his mother, his friends at school and his teachers has been a long and ongoing journey, Boys Town has helped him move away from the terrible place he was in to a better place today. Sharon finally has her loving, kind-hearted son back, and Jack now thrives in school, no longer getting in trouble or being disruptive in class.

When Jack initially went to court on the domestic battery charge, a judge placed him on probation with certain requirements Jack had to meet. At a later court hearing, after Jack began receiving Boys Town services, the judge was pleasantly surprised at the progress the boy had made. The judge gave a lot of credit to Boys Town’s Care Coordination Services and especially to Nick for helping Jack find a positive way to cope with his anger and repair the damage he had caused in different aspects of his life. Since he was doing so well, Jack was allowed to complete his probation while remaining at home.

As Jack started his first year of high school, Sharon saw a reality she never thought could exist in their family. She now has a loving relationship with her son as he excels in the classroom and builds healthy friendships with others.

On every journey, there are two roads a person can go down. Sharon could not be more thankful that Boys Town led Jack down the right one.

The stories provided about the children and families in our care are real. In some cases, names may be changed and details altered to protect their privacy and therapeutic interests.