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​​Boys Town Operates Nebraska Help Line

The Nebraska Division of Behavioral Health announced that Boys Town will operate the children’s behavioral health Help Line and Family Navigator Services beginning on January 1, 2010. The Division of Children and Family Services announced that Lutheran Family Services, Inc. will provide post adoption and post guardianship services starting January 1, 2010. These services were authorized in LB 603, passed during the 2009 Legislative Session. The Help Line will provide a single point of contact that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, operated by trained personnel and supervised by licensed behavioral health professionals.

Boys Town In-Home Family Services Benefits

Boys Town's In-Home Family Services ® is part of our Integrated Continuum of Care and many may not be familiar with the services.  The program provides intensive in-home treatment for families that are struggling to stay together or are in crisis while keeping kids and families together safely.  The Boys Town In-Home Family Services ® Consultants focus on building family strengths, helping a family to become self-sufficient and improving parenting skills.  Those consultants are on call 24/7 and have constant access to supervisors for additional support as needed.  This type of program can save our communities and the state significant funds that would otherwise be spent on more intensive treatment options or even corrections services.

Cost To Save Children

Youth who come to Boys Town present with a variety of personal and financial problems which puts them at risk for dropping out of school, becoming a career criminal and drug user. The price paid by both the individual and society for not saving each one of these youth is significant. The following table highlights the lifetime cost for someone falling prey to trouble in all of these areas. The following table reports the present value in 2007 dollars imposed by a career criminal, drug user and high-school dropout (Cohen & Piquero, 2009).

Summary of the monetary value of saving a high risk youth at age 14

​​DescriptionPresent Value
Career criminal$2.7 – $4.8 million
Heavy drug user$840,000 – $1.1 million
Dropping out of high school$390,000 – $580,000

Child-Care Reform

Boys Town recognizes the urgent need for greater efficiency in America’s child- and family-care systems. We are boldly charting a new course, one community, one state and one region at a time. We’re sharing the research-proven results of our Integrated Continuum of Care so other agencies – both governmental and private – can understand its value in helping children and families. Most importantly, Boys Town is urging others to embrace the Integrated Continuum of Care as a way to repair the current system that often is dysfunctional and ineffective. Historically, child care has been delivered through a system that makes it difficult to provide consistent services to children and families. This is usually because providers don’t communicate well with each other and have different philosophies of care. In the eyes of administrators, these services may appear to be meeting the needs of children and families. But when viewed through the eyes of a child or a family – the primary consumer – help is delivered in so many different ways, consistency and real effectiveness is nearly impossible.