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Flipping the Script on Parenting from Negative to Positive

Ms. Olguie Toro and her ​son, Reynaldo Toro, attended Boys Town New York’s Common Sense Parenting ®(CSP) classes, held in April 2015 at the First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica. While attending the six-week course, the Toro family gained insight and overcame their struggles that led to the positive changes their family needed.

Back in November 2014, Reynaldo received joint custody of his 8-year-old twin girls when their mother moved to Florida. Shortly after gaining custody, Reynaldo and his mother observed some negative changes in the girls' behavior. Ms. Toro wanted to help with the family dynamics problem and immediately started looking for resources at the public school the girls were attending.

This led Ms. Toro to Boys Town New York’s CSP classes and she encouraged Reynaldo to attend with her while the girls participated in a children's program at the church. They took what they learned in class such as the hands on practice “role playing” and started noticing a dramatic difference in the girls’ behavior. Reynaldo learned that focusing on encouraging good behavior and looking for positive approaches when interacting with his daughters worked well. Learning from other parents in the group was an eye-opening experience for Reynaldo and he realized many people struggled with different problems and overcame them with the proper knowledge and support system.

When asked what type of newsletter headline would best describe the CSP program, Reynaldo said, “Flipping the script on parenting from negative to positive because that is what it has done for us.” Both mother and son now understand how to better deal with their family problems.

Reynaldo feels more confident as he continues in his role as a single father and promises to send updates of his girls’ progress. “Thank you so much Boys Town New York,” said Reynaldo. “We are truly blessed to have Boys Town New York and the programs they offer to our community!”