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Determined Mom Reunites Family


The slew of daunting problems Elizabeth Sanchez-Moran faced would cause most families to crumble. But with Boys Town’s help, she refused to let that happen.

Elizabeth’s family was referred to a Boys Town program after her children were removed because Elizabeth wasn’t able to care for and protect them.

“The family had a lot of barriers at the onset of services, starting with a language barrier and lack of housing,” said Kate Shadoan, Director of Boys Town’s In-Home Family Services® in Nebraska. “Elizabeth and the family were living with relatives. She was unemployed, had no transportation, was a victim of domestic violence and had substance abuse problems with relatives living in the home.”

Elizabeth’s children were placed in foster care and a bilingual Family Consultant began working with Elizabeth, who spoke little English.

From the start, services focused on teaching Elizabeth positive parenting skills, connecting her with valuable community resources and helping her find employment.

“Elizabeth really liked the Common Sense Parenting® material her Family Consultant taught her,” Kate said. “She liked learning about using positive and negative consequences with her kids because that was something she didn’t know about before services.”

With some hard work and determination, Elizabeth was able to move into a place of her own. She also ended an unhealthy relationship that was hindering the progress she and her family were making. A few months later, Elizabeth was reunited with her children, who could now live in a safe and nurturing home environment.

“We stayed with the family after they were reunified to help Elizabeth learn how to better monitor her kids and implement the new parenting skills she learned,” Kate said.

Because of Boys Town’s help, Elizabeth is connected to many community resources, has safe and reliable housing, and has a good relationship with supportive relatives, neighbors and friends. Through her diligence and commitment to bringing her family back together, Elizabeth and her children are now a positive part of the community.

“By being open to and engaging in services with her Family Consultant and really trying to partner with us, Elizabeth was able to overcome a lot of risk factors for her family and bring them back together into a safer, more stable home,” Kate said.

The stories provided about the children and families in our care are real. In some cases, names and details may be changed, and stock photos may be used, to protect their privacy and therapeutic interests.