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Community Outreach In Harlem: Partnering with Innovation High School

​Tesharr's failing grades concerned his teachers about what may be going on at home.

Tesharr struggled to communicate his needs to his adoptive mother in his single parent home and the issues between his mother and him led to a poor school attitude, apathy in class and poor relationships with others. Coupled with Tesharr's mental health issues, he was frequently in an out of the hospital which exacerbated an already unstable environment. he issues between his adoptive mom and Tesharr led to a poor attitude at school, apathy in class, and poor relationships with others. Tesharr has a history of

As part of the partnership between Boys Town New York and Innovation High School, Tesharr was paired with Pius, a Boys Town New Y​ork Care Coordinator.  Pius worked to provided Boys Town New York family coaching and support for Tesharr and his mother to address concerns regarding his failing grades, as well as their relationship with each other. It was clear from the start of their meetings that mom was feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with Tesharr's negative behavior.

Over the course of the program, Pius worked with Tesharr, his mother and his teachers to implement additional structure, both in the home as well ​as at school.  They worked on giving and receiving feedback, such as Tesharr learning to accept the word "no," setting appropriate boundaries in order to build positive meaningful relationships with others, and how to communicate effectively in the home, at school and in the community.

With this positive influence, Tesharr's began to turn his grades around and his teachers saw a noticeable change in his attitude. Despite missing a considerable amount of school, Tesharr was able to make a turnaround. He passed five of seven classes, and was able to make up the two failing classes this past summer. 

Thanks to your support, more students like Tesharr are receiving the support they need but inside and outside the classroom to be successful.