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Buy A Bird Campaign Provides Fresh Thanksgiving Baskets for IHFS Families

Families in the Boys Town New ​England In-Home Family Services (IHFS) program were given Thanksgiving baskets during the Buy A Bird social media fundraising campaign, Nov. 1-15. For the second year, staff used the Boys Town New England Facebook page and emails to help spread the word.

This year, Thanksgiving baskets were extra special because they contained fresh food and dairy products, all which were packed in reusable shopping bags. Also, many of the items put in the baskets, such as stuffing and pumpkin pies were made from scratch with homemade recipes.

Families were extremely grateful for the unexpected holiday dinner. One grandmother raising her grandchild thought she wouldn't be able to holiday dinner for the child to experience until Boys Town New England swept in to the rescue. “When I arrived at their place with a Thanksgiving basket for them, the grandmother was overjoyed, saying I was an angel sent from the sky," said Sarah Koley, Director, Boys Town New England IHFS Program. "It was such a rewarding experience to see the simple joy of one basket."

Eleven employees helped distribute 48 Thanksgiving baskets. The campaign raised more than $3,500 thanks to donors like you.