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Boys Town Texas in Alamo Kiwanis Newsletter

AKC Youth Services Co-Chair, Craig Clayton, and Fiesta Noche del Rio Chairman, Kyle Martin, present a check to Boys Town Texas.

This article was published in the Alamo Kiwanis Newsletter on March 10, 2015.

It's always great to see how children in our community benefit from the yearlong efforts of our Kiwanis' membership. We were able to blend some pride in where our donations go together with some deeper understanding about the payoff in real-people terms. The organization Joyce Horner ​represents was presented with a $10,000 check from the Club and in return she gave us a great rundown of how her organization benefits children having a tough time.

Ms. Horner is Development Director for Boys Town Texas - yes - affiliated with Father Flanagan's Boys Town - but don't let the name fool you. It's 'boys' in name only, since lousy circumstances don't differentiate between boys and girls. Her group is heavy into rescue and counseling, and provides a vital life-link for kids (and dysfunctional families) that are abused, neglected, and struggling through really tough situations. The Boys Town Texas program and its counselors help them cope, sometimes in-home, sometimes in conjunction with other agencies, sometimes at their own campus of five homes. Foster care is an important program for Boys Town Texas, and depending on the circumstances, many foster children become adopted with the help of Boys Town Texas. In 2014 nearly 850 local kids were served by her organization, including nearly 100 kids in the foster care program!

A large part of their program is supported by volunteers. Please contact Joyce Horner at 210-271-1010 for how you can get involved.