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Boys Town Saves Mother and Son from Homelessness and Helps Them Build a New, Stable Future

Roberta and her young son Diego were terrified and losing hope. They were on the verge of being evicted from their apartment and desperately needed help.

Roberta suffered from serious physical and emotional disabilities. She had grown up in an abusive and often violent home, and her condition was so severe she was not able to work. Roberta depended on various sources of financial assistance, but there just never seemed to enough money to cover the rent and other expenses.

A local program that helps struggling families knew of Roberta’s plight and referred her to Boys Town Central Florida. A Consultant with the site’s Care Coordination Services program was soon working with Roberta and her son.

The first issue they addressed was their immediate housing situation. Roberta was behind on her rent, but the Consultant helped her connect with a funding resource in the community that enabled her to get caught up and remain in her apartment. They also worked on trying to increase the assistance she was receiving through Medicare and Medicaid.

The Consultant also helped Roberta learn new budgeting skills that could help her avoid this kind of problem in the future.

The next challenge for Roberta and Diego was to find professional assistance for their emotional trauma. Roberta’s past abuse often led to overwhelming and debilitating bouts of depression. Diego also was dealing with trauma that resulted from being abused by Roberta’s former boyfriend.

Roberta and Diego also started receiving in-home therapy from a mental health counselor.

At the same time, the Consultant taught Roberta skills for coping with their depression.The plan of action they developed provided Roberta with confidence and comfort.

A huge breakthrough occurred when the Consultant helped Roberta reconnect with members of her family. Once they understood how serious her problems were, they immediately pitched in to help out with financial and emotional support.

Seven months after starting services, Roberta and Diego were doing much better. Roberta is no longer racked with constant worry about being evicted or becoming homeless. Both she and her son have benefited greatly from counseling, and Diego is doing well at home and in school.

Thanks to Boys Town, Roberta’s hope and faith have been restored, and she and Diego are a stronger, happier family.

“I am so appreciative of everything they have taught me, the support I was given and the future I will have,” Roberta said. “I will always be grateful.”

The stories provided about the children and families in our care are real. In some cases, names may be changed and details altered to protect their privacy and therapeutic interests.