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Boys Town Passages Academy Empowering Youth at Career Week

Thanks to local business men and women ​who participated in a career week seminar May 18-22, 2015, our residents gained insight on what it takes to thrive in New York City’s competitive job market. Passages Academy at Boys Town New York welcomed local professionals from the Young Leadership Council (YLC), Brooklyn Nets, New York Police Department, Fire Department of New York, Windows of Opportunity and News Channel 12.

Each professional shared insights and perspectives on how with the right perseverance, hard-work and dedication, opportunity will follow. High school and middle school youth listened to first-hand accounts on the “do’s and don’ts” of true entrepreneurship and what it takes to be successful. All students left with a better understanding of how to accomplish their goals, noting a common theme of never giving up and staying in school.

“The best advice I heard was to never let go of your dreams and don’t give up on education,” noted Ryan, a resident at Boys Town New York.

While the students at Passages Academy learned a lot during the seminars, the presenters also learned from the Boys Town youth.

"Learning about the kids here and their dreams was really amazing. Giving them practical advice on how they can achieve their goals was priceless,” said Angela Matthews, a NYC Social Media free-lancer. “I hope a few hours of my time contributed to the kids will being able to gain insights into careers they never considered. They asked some great questions!”

Hal Eisenberg, Windows of Opportunity employee, said “The students were dynamic and their leadership potential was quite evident to me. It’s a pleasure to be a part of the incredible success here.”

Boys Town Passages Academy is an accredited alternative public school which services the residents in Boys Town New York in bringing stability, structure, and inspiration back into student’s educational path.