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Boys Town North Florida Youth Receives a Special Birthday Surprise

LJ smiling happily with his basketball video game.

Londauris (LJ) ​turned 15 years old on Feb. 4, 2015. When Family-Teacher ® Trinity asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, he smiled and only asked for two things — for Trinity to make his favorite BBQ wings and to be able to play basketball all day. Plans for a fun grilling night and basketball party were in the works. The Maclay School Key Club had decided to sponsor his birthday through our Birthday Buddies program. When they heard that all he wanted was to play basketball, they decided that they would all come to spend the day celebrating and playing basketball with him.

On the day of the festivities, the rain began pouring unrelentingly with no signs of stopping. LJ’s Boys Town family and his birthday sponsors were determined to make this birthday a great one for him regardless. While one of the family-teachers ® transported LJ to an appointment, the rest of the family along with the Maclay Key Club waited for him at Zaxby’s, one of his favorite restaurants, which serves LJ’s second favorite BBQ chicken wings.

After his appointment, Family-Teacher Greg drove to Zaxby’s “to make up for having to postpone his party.” LJ was so surprised when he walked in to find everyone waiting for him. The Key Club presented him with a basketball-themed birthday cake and a basketball video game. The night was filled with smiles and laughter as LJ and his friends stuffed their bellies with delicious food.

At the end of the night, the manager gave him a $20 gift certificate and said it was from a regular customer that saw how happy he was and how touched they were to witness the birthday festivities. They wanted to bless him with a little extra gift.

“We strive to make every youth at Boys Town have their birthday be extra special,” said Misty Mackley, Family-Teacher. “This young man was no exception, but what happened on his birthday certainly was.”

"I had an awesome time, and it was the best birthday I had in a long time," exclaimed LJ. “I’m so thankful for everyone and an amazing birthday — thank you so much!”