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Boys Town New York Expands CSP Parenting Classes to New York Public Schools

Thanks to ​$31,000 in funding from the New York City Council, Common Sense Parenting ® classes are now offered in many boroughs of New York that are in dire need of resources for parents.

For the first time in site history, multiple schools are hosting Common Sense Parenting (CSP) classes at the same time. Lilybelle Gonzalez, CSP Supervisor, spends each day instructing parents at different locations around the city.

The expansion of Common Sense Parenting has allowed Boys Town New York to serve 70 families since it was implemented in January of 2014. Parents are grateful to have the opportunity to take the class in the convenience of their own neighborhood. They have especially enjoyed learning how and when to talk to their children about everything from school to friends. They are rapidly gaining confidence about their parenting abilities.

“The expansion of Common Sense Parenting is important as it allows Boys Town New York to be more proactive as opposed to reactive in its approach to serving families. It gives Boys Town the opportunity to prevent issues that may arise further down the line with some of these families,” said Gonzalez.