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Boys Town Iowa Celebrates 25 Years

Boys Town Iowa staff pose outside of the office.

By age 25, some people may experience a quarter-life crisis. ​That is quite the contrary for Boys Town Iowa, which recently celebrated turning 25. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of employees, Boys Town Iowa is more poised than ever to carry out Father Flanagan’s dream well into the future.

“Boys Town first came to Iowa in 1989 with a vision of helping families in crisis stay together through a service called ‘Family Preservation’. Twenty-five years later, our vision and focus of trying to keep families together has not changed,” said Debbie Orduna, Director, In-Home Family Services, on Friday, March 13, during an open house at the Council Bluffs, Iowa, office.

During the 25th Anniversary Celebration, Boys Town Iowa employees gathered to reflect on Iowa’s beginnings and celebrate its successes.

“When looking at the Boys Town Integrated Continuum of Care ®, In-Home Family Services is the fastest growing program. Over the course of the past 25 years we have helped over 10,000 Iowa children,” said Orduna. “In 2014 we served 2,000 children, approximately 950 families living in Iowa through our In-Home Family Services Program.  We served over 100 children and their families through our Common Sense Parenting ® classes and impacted hundreds of Iowa students through our Education Training Department who works with several schools around the state.”

In addition to Debbie Orduna, guests heard from Executive Director Father Steven Boes, Executive Vice President of Youth Care Dr. Dan Daly, Carol Gutchewsky from the Iowa Department of Human Services, and a mother of a family saved by Boys Town Iowa. Throughout each speech, one common theme remained — Boys Town Iowa would not be what it is today without its employees.

“What makes Boys Town a success is the hard work and dedication of our staff and the families we serve,” said Orduna. “The life of a Family Consultant requires passion, dedication and faith that people can change with the right type of support and services. Family Consultants work long hours, they help during crisis, they inspire change and they become an extended part of the family and celebrate successes along the way.”

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