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Boys Town California Offers Common Sense Parenting® to Orange County Inmates

Boys Town California recently piloted a Common Sense Parenting® (CSP) program for the male inmates of the Orange County Department of Corrections.

Beginning in January of this year, two CSP classes were offered to well-behaved inmates that were interested. This type of service is not typically available for them to participate. With eight students at most, the small class size allowed for a comfortable atmosphere, where instructors can give students extra attention.

According to Aine Alejandre, Supervisor of Common Sense Parenting at Boys Town California, since the course began, the inmates have shown great interest in the curriculum. They asked for more homework, loved the book and consistently requested more worksheets and other materials. They fully participated by asking questions and practicing their newly-learned skills through role-playing.

“You can tell that they want to learn while they are there, and that they want to come out better and do better. They spent a lot of time reflecting on how they want to be better for their kids,” said Alejandre.

The inmates were very interested in Boys Town California’s other services as well, with many indicating that they were eager to share the information Alejandre provided with their families via telephone or letter.