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A Foster Couple Reflects On Life with Boys Town Texas

Kevin and Kelli Bueker of Boys Town Texas have been fostering children in the San Antonio, Texas area for four months. Learn more about their lives as a foster couple below. If you're interested in being a foster parent, call 210-271-1010 or get started today.

  1. How did you get involved in becoming a Foster Couple?
    I (Kevin) was working with an organization that helped provide mentors for youth that were aging out of foster care, and I really saw a significant gap in most of these young men and women's lives where a family should have been. The stories of 30, 40 or 50 placements were heart-wrenching, and seeing the reality of how much they struggled with early adulthood deeply affected me. I kept feeling like there was more that we could do, so Kelli and I began praying about how we could be involved, and we decided that we would become foster parents, and we would focus on adolescents and sibling groups.
  2. What is the typical age of children you care for?
    We are licensed for ages 6-17; so far, we have had kids ranging from 10-16 years old.
  3. What is a typical day like for a foster family?
    I imagine it's like most other typical nuclear families. We get up and get ready for school/work, spend time together after we get home, work on homework, eat dinner together and do fun activities before getting ready for bed. We try hard to be very intentional about learning more about each other with fun games, and we take the opportunities to teach lessons wherever possible, but I believe we function like any other family.
  4. How has this commitment impacted you?
    It hasn’t always been easy, but it's allowed us to learn more about being patient and being self-less. It's also led us to a deeper understanding of what true sacrifice looks like and so the sacrifice by Jesus Christ for our sins is increasingly apparent to me every day. I'm humbled by that. It's also strengthened our marriage, allowed us the opportunity to learn to communicate with each other more effectively and improved our ability to be teammates.
  5. What do you wish more people understood about foster care?
    I wish more people understood that the care older kids receive in the system is truly at crisis levels. I believe that kids are truly one caring adult away from having a successful life and yet, many kids every year age-out without ever encountering that one caring adult. I wish more people realized that a child in care is not a "bad child" and to learn to empathize with these kids' situations. Every child, from every situation, deserves a ​chance to be successful.

Boys Town thanks the many foster couples who open up their homes and their hearts to children who need it most.