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11-Year-Old Girls Become Devoted Supporters of Boys Town Texas

While many supporters of Boys Town tend to be adults, there is a lesser-known group of donors—children—who also do great things to support the mission. Two of these young supporters, ​Jacqueline Fentress and Ava Daetwyler have become big supporters of Boys Town Texas over the last few years.

Jacqueline Fentress’s knowledge of Boys Town started young. Her grandfather was a long-time supporter of Boys Town’s mission, donating to the Texas site most of his life. Although Jacqueline’s grandfather had passed away before her birth, his passion for the mission lives on through her.

A few years ago, Jacqueline and her older brother decided to volunteer, and choosing Boys Town Texas to give their time seemed like an easy choice. After working with Joyce Horner, Boys Town Texas Development Director, the pair spent a day cleaning flowerbeds at the site.

When it came time for Jacqueline’s 10th birthday in October 2014, the young girl believed she had all the presents she wanted, deciding instead to give back to the organization she felt most connected to. After working with the other students at her school to collect donations, the Fentress family was overwhelmed by the amount of support they had received.

The family had collected dozens of dance costumes, wigs, Halloween costumes, and costume jewelry, which were hand-delivered by Jacqueline to the children at Boys Town Texas.

The next year, Jacqueline wanted to keep this new tradition alive. She decided to have a joint 11th birthday party with her friend, Ava Daetwyler, but instead of asking for presents, the girls asked for monetary donations. Inviting the entire class to their party, the girls raised nearly $400, which was presented to Boys Town Texas at its annual Race to Prevent Child Abuse on April 2, 2016.

“Jacqueline and Ava are amazing young ladies who believe in paying it forward,” said Joyce Horner. “They got several of their friends involved in supporting Boys Town Texas. We are truly blessed by the generosity of these young ladies!”

Seeing her work make a difference in the community with an organization she holds close to her heart continues to motivate Jacqueline to do more. With the success of her collections, she plans on continuing this birthday tradition for years to come.

Boys Town thanks Jacqueline and Ava for their gifts to Boys Town Texas, as well as the many other youth around the country who selflessly donate their time and treasure to support the mission.