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Unifying Elements

To support and further connect Boys Town’s Integrated Continuum of Care SM, certain fundamental ideals, standards, and principles cut across all service levels and programs. We call these our “Unifying Elements,” and they enable us to put the needs of children and families first in providing consistent, effective care.

Safety, Permanency and Well-Being

  • Children and families must be safe and feel safe in any care setting.
  • Goals include helping children and families get better so they can live in a safe, stable, and permanent home setting.
  • Helping children and families make positive changes can ensure their present and future well-being.

Family Engagement

In any program, families are active, essential members of their children’s care team, partnering with Boys Town to plan and develop strategies that best meet the children’s needs.

Religion and Faith
Religion and faith give children and families a foundation of strength for overcoming difficult issues and problems.

Behavioral and Medical Research
Ongoing, leading-edge research helps develop new programs, measures the effectiveness of Boys Town’s care, confirms what’s working and what’s not, and identifies when changes are needed.