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From Foster Care to Forever Family, Teen Makes Most of Fresh Start

What happens to young people when their parents are gone and they have no family to care for them?

For kids like Travis, Boys Town steps in.

Travis’s mother passed away suddenly. The family was poor and nothing had been put away to care for him. The teen’s father had left long ago and there were no friends or relatives who could take in Travis.

Fortunately, Travis was placed in the home of Boys Town Washington DC Foster Parents. They gave him love and became the stable family he needed at a crucial time in his life.

Like many foster children, Travis struggled at times. He had many questions, he still felt alone in the world and he missed his mother.

But Travis’s Foster Parents were there for him. They helped him slowly adjust to his new family, providing guidance and support. Travis also began to establish himself as a good student in school, with regular attendance and improved grades. Most importantly, he learned to trust his new family and his teachers, and to understand that they were trying to do what was best for him.

During this time, Travis’s Foster Parents received support from Boys Town Washington DC. In his first few months with the family, when Travis’s emotions got too intense and erupted in negative behaviors, the site worked with his social worker and Foster Parents to get him the help he needed. With everyone on the same page concerning Travis’s issues and treatment, the teen made great progress in learning self-control and how to express his feelings appropriately.

Travis could have been just another young person who got mired in the system and never reached his full potential. But thanks to Boys Town Washington DC and his dedicated Foster Parents, he escaped the sadness of his earlier life and realized he had a bright future ahead of him.

At age 16, Travis was adopted by his Foster Parents. He graduated from high school, earned a college scholarship and today is working toward a degree in culinary arts. On weekends, he goes home to see his parents.

“I know I wasn’t a very good person when I came to Boys Town,” Travis said. “But no one gave up on me. I can’t say ‘Thank you’ enough to all of the people that believed in me. Because of Boys Town and my Foster Parents, I have a home and a family.”

The stories provided about the children and families in our care are real. In some cases, names may be changed and details altered to protect their privacy and therapeutic interests.