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Family Home Program Director Receives Outstanding Fathers of Prince Georges County Public Schools Award

Boys Town Washington DC Family Home Program Director Donnell Potts was the recipient of a Commendation Award at the Outstanding Fathers of Prince Georges County Public Schools Award Ceremony on Feb. 11, 2015. Over 700 people attended including councilmen, school board members, and Kevin Maxwell, CEO of Prince George County Public Schools. The award was given to 198 fathers in the county with a total enrollment of 127,000 students and 208 schools. The event honored one father from each school who was nominated by the principal of their school for their commitment to their children and the community.

“The recognition was truly an honor,” said Donnell Potts. “It was great to be included as one of the leaders in the community and to know that the contributions that I make impact and influence others. All of the fathers received a certificate of recognition on stage and afterwards, we got together to discuss important current events and issues affecting the youth in this county. It was a thought-provoking day!”

“Knowing the hours that Donnell puts into the Family Home Program, developing his staff and implementing processes, I find it amazing that he has the time to devote to his son’s school system,” said Dwayne Strawder, Senior Programs Operations Manager, Boys Town Washington DC. “The majority of the Boys Town Washington DC youth we serve are from single family homes; and that single parent is often compromised themselves. Donnell understands the importance of parental involvement.”

Boys Town Washington DC is in total agreement with his work ethic. “His commitment to the Boys Town Model ®, youth and his staff is shown through his work,” said Strawder. “We see the daily work he puts into this program and his commitment is amazing.He implements processes, ensures staff are following the model, and fills in where ever necessary. You can also find him playing basketball with the youth — being available to them is just as important!”

“Being involved with your child’s life is very important. We can be a key difference to our children’s success in life,” said Potts. “The best experience in receiving this award was having my son present me the award and letting him see that there’s value in helping others. At his young age, my wife and I strive to teach him to give, volunteer and show concern for those who may not have what you have. I bring with me to work at Boys Town too!”

According to a study done by the U. S. Department of Education, it states that if a youth has a highly involved Father that (a) there is a 42% increase that the child will receive A’s and (b) are 33% less likely to be held back a grade.