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An Old Friend Donates to a Family He's Never Met

The support Boys Town Washington, D.C. provides is great, but so are the needs of D.C. families. When In-Home Family Services (IHFS) Consultant, Travis Loggins Santiago, realized that a family he was helping would not get much for Christmas, he found a friend who offered to make the Christmas season a little merrier for a family he’d never met.

Loggins Santiago describes this family of five as resilient and humble. They were moving from one friend’s home to another because they were homeless. Mom and Dad were working odd jobs to earn money for their family, while their kids failed to attend school and exhibited behavioral issues. Despite all of these challenges, they were open to Loggins Santiago’s help and worked with him to accomplish their goals.

Boys Town was able to provide the family with job and home search assistance, teaching through the Boys Town Model®, and a number of household items including air mattresses, a microwave and a computer. The family was grateful, but Loggins Santiago wanted to do more.

He contacted some friends to see if he could find anyone willing to help out. An old fraternity brother, Brunson Cooper, answered the call and said he would adopt the family for Christmas.

He bought iPods, action figures, books and more for the kids, and provided the parents with household items. Loggins Santiago said the family was overwhelmed with joy and mom and dad could not stop saying “thank you.” Between Boys Town and Cooper, the family members received around 90 percent of the items on their wish lists.

“He [Brunson] didn’t expect a thank you; it was just a generous act,” said Loggins Santiago. “For someone to step up and help out a family they don’t know, without knowing anything about Boys Town and what we do   it’s just beyond a good deed.”

The family is now in an apartment. They continue to work with the son’s behavioral challenges and are waiting on furniture, but they are happily living together in a much-improved environment.