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'Can Do' Attitude Carries Family to Success through Boys Town Services

Understanding. Comprehending. Accepting. Achieving.

When a Boys Town South Florida Family Consultant works with a family that is trying to deal with their child’s behavior problems, these are the results that services hope to achieve.

Reaching these goals can be difficult enough when parents have full use of all their senses. It can potentially be next to impossible when both parents are deaf.

That is, unless those parents are committed to improving their skills and doing what is best for their kids.

That was the case with Pablo and Maria, a husband and wife with two girls and no intentions of letting their hearing impairment get in the way of receiving parenting help.

The couple sought Boys Town South Florida’s assistance for two major issues: The girls, Amy and Cassie, both were struggling at their elementary school, both academically and with their behaviors. Their grades were dropping and both sisters had been referred to the office several times for talking back to teachers and damaging school property. Amy and Cassie also often refused to follow rules and routines at home, especially when it came to doing their chores.

Frustrated and desperate for help, Pablo and Maria contacted Boys Town South Florida. Soon, Sarah, a Family Consultant from the site’s In-Home Family ServicesSM program, was visiting the home and working with the couple. And a sign language interpreter was there for every session, ensuring accurate communication between the Consultant and Maria and Pablo.

As the family became more comfortable working with Sarah, they opened up about how difficult it sometimes was to function and get their needs met in the “hearing” world. But their trust in Sarah grew with each of her visits as they realized she was willing to go the extra mile to help them solve their problems and become a stronger family.

Progress was steady as Pablo and Maria put the new skills they were learning from Sarah to use with Amy and Cassie. They created house rules and chore lists with rewards for completing chores, and the girls gradually began to understand the benefits of doing what their parents wanted would benefit them.

At the girls’ school, Sarah, Pablo, Maria and their interpreter met with teachers and developed a plan that would enable the couple to more closely monitor their daughters’ school performance. Teachers began sending school notes home, and Amy and Cassie responded by improving their grades and controlling their behavior.

When Boys Town services ended after four months, Pablo and Maria were better prepared to deal with future issues and were more confident in their parenting abilities. Their girls were doing well at school and at home, and the love that had always been there was even stronger.

Throughout the intervention, Pablo and Maria had shown courage, determination, a sense of humor and a “never give up” attitude. They didn’t consider their deafness to be a disability, and did everything asked of them to reach their goals.

When a family wants to change for the better, no obstacle   real or perceived   can stand in their way.

Just ask Pablo and Maria.