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Boys Town Carries Brothers to Their Forever Family

Imagine being a child and having to be on your own every day.

That was how brothers Jamal and Quincy were living, even when they were little. Their mother had substance abuse problems and wasn’t around much. Their father was never part of their lives.

One day, their mother dropped off the two boys at a neighbor’s home. She never returned.

For years, Jamal and Quincy had been severely neglected. Now they had been totally abandoned.

Relatives and friends pitched in to care for the brothers for a while. But when it became clear they wouldn’t be able to provide a permanent home, the boys’ uncle contacted the state human services department and asked for assistance.

The agency alerted Boys Town, asking if Jamal and Quincy could receive care in a Boys Town North Florida Treatment Family Home. The answer came quickly as Boys Town accepted the two boys who desperately needed a nurturing family.

When Jamal and Quincy arrived at Boys Town, they were frightened, still hurting from the many years when no one seemed to care. Their Family-Teachers ®, recognizing just how fragile the boys were, welcomed them with love and attention.

It took several months for the brothers to get used to living in a home where someone was always there to provide help and encouragement. Every day, their Family-Teachers worked hard to make sure each boy’s individual needs were met and that they were learning the skills that would enable them to be successful in the classroom and with others.

Jamal and Quincy responded to this new, positive environment by flourishing and making new friends in their home and at school.

After showing tremendous progress at Boys Town, the boys were ready for their next transition — being adopted into a forever family.

While attending an adoption meet-and-greet, Jamal and Quincy met a family that fell in love with them right away. Soon after, their adoption was finalized and they had a family to call their own.

“If the two kids had gone to a regular foster home, they would not have been at a place where they would have been ready for adoption — and they certainly wouldn’t have been adopted together,” said the Boy Town Consultant who worked with the boys. “Their Family-Teachers did such a great job addressing and helping with each boy’s unique needs, and that was really the key to them being ready to be adopted.”

While Boys Town set the stage for the siblings to successfully transition into their new family, their adoptive parents are now doing the rest to give 13-year-old Jamal and 15-year-old Quincy the opportunity for happiness all kids deserve.

The stories provided about the children and families in our care are real. In some cases, names may be changed and details altered to protect their privacy and therapeutic interests.