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Care Coordination Services

Care Coordination Services offer a unique case management program that connects families to resources that enable them to create a safe, stable home environment.  Boys Town New England conducts assessments to determine a family's specific needs and identifies the best resources available to meet them.  Care Coordination Consultants then help the family access those resources while providing support and guidance.  Resources include medical care, housing, mental health and behavioral health counseling, nutrition and food support, recreational and after-school programs, child care and others.  Consultants work with families in their home, at school and in the community. 

The Care Coordination Program also provides visitation services that gives parents support, coaching, and skill-building activities to rebuild their relationships with their children and to create a solid foundation for positive parenting and discipline. 

Some of these services that the Care Coordination and visitation program are able to provide include:

  • transportation, as needed
  • coaching and support for rebuilding family relationships
  • structured, professional visitation supervision with essential skill-building activities
  • Resource support 
  • Parenting consultation
  • Enrollment in our Common Sense Parenting workshop