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Boys Town’s Rapid Response Helps Mom, Daughters Move Out and Move Up

Boys Town’s Rapid Response Helps Mom, Daughters Move Out and Move Up

​Lauren Quarles was a single mom, eight months pregnant and raising her 10-year-old daughter Laurencia in a transitional living apartment provided through a homeless shelter.

The apartment was in a high crime area and so was the school Laurencia attended.

Lauren's due date to give birth coincided with the date she would have to move out of her apartment and seek other housing. She was stressed out and worried, unsure of where her family would live and how she would be able to find a new place with her baby coming soon.

Then she was referred to Boys Town New England's Care Coordination Services (CCS). In this program, trained Consultants connect families to resources in the community to help them meet specific needs.

From the start, Krystel Acosta, the CCS Consultant assigned to work with Lauren, knew it was time to move, and move fast.

It took a week or two of the two women getting to know each other, but Lauren quickly realized Krystel was there to help. More importantly, Lauren put her trust in Krystel to do what was best for her and her family.   

Krystel didn't disappoint. She put in hours of research and planning, and soon located a new place in a safe, thriving, family-centered community that boasts one of the best school districts in the state. In a matter of a few months, Lauren, her newborn daughter London and Laurencia had moved into a clean new apartment, completing a process that usually takes a year or longer. Even Boys Town New England staff members were stunned by how quickly the move had occurred.   

The best part of the new location is that many of Lauren's neighbors are single mothers and their children, families that share common experiences and support each other in their challenges.

Lauren also showed her commitment to ensure her partnership with Boys Town would lead to success. She consistently met with Krystel, canceling only one visit due to bad weather so Krystel wouldn't have to drive in the snow. Lauren was open to changing her point of view, welcoming suggestions and trying new ideas. 

The hard-working mom also covered a multitude of other responsibilities. She filled out her applications for new housing; consistently paid her rent at the transitional apartment even when it meant having only $25 in her pocket for the rest of the month; and used and was grateful for all of the resources Care Coordination Services provided (some families are reluctant to do this).

During the whole time she received services, Lauren was an excellent mother to her two girls and always made sure their needs were met.

Through sheer determination and a bond of trust, Krystel and Lauren were able to transport Lauren's family from a place of darkness and doubt to a welcoming new home. Today, Lauren is raising her daughters in a safe, thriving community, surrounded by helpful resources and support, and eager to explore new opportunities the future holds.

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