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Why Should You Become a Treatment Foster Parent?

Many of us have wonderful memories of growing up… of days at school with friends or playing outside. Remember learning to drive and confusing the gas pedal with the brake? Or the special way grandma’s house always smelled that made you feel so secure…

For some children in New England, these memories are nothing more than dreams. Instead, their childhood has been filled with fear, guilt and sorrow. Nearly 2,800 children in Rhode Island and 9,000 children in Massachusetts are placed outside of their homes at any given time. Their memories are of abuse, abandonment and neglect.

What do these children need? They need heroes.

Heroes turn and fight for what is right. They are protectors and guardians. They provide safety and love. That’s why Foster Parents are heroes. Foster Parents run with open hearts toward children when others – their parents, their family and their friends – have turned away.

If you have the courage, the strength and most importantly, the heart to be a hero, Boys Town New England’s Foster Family ServicesSM is the place for you.

Become A Hero

Help us save New England’s children. Call 401-845-2250 (800-847-2025 for Massachusetts residents).

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