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Amy's Story

Amy came to Boys Town as a teenager. She was removed from her home as a victim of sexual abuse and neglect. Her mother struggled with substance abuse. As a way to cope, Amy would frequently get into fights. She was also failing in school.

When Amy arrived at her new home, her Treatment Foster Parents welcomed her with an open heart. They combined love and respect with Boys Town’s scientific and research-based approach to child care. At first, Amy didn’t know how to respond, but deep down she knew that this was how a real family acted. A huge transformation was taking place in her life.

After only one year in the Boys Town Treatment Foster Care program, Amy’s report cards are all A's and B's, her defiance has almost disappeared and she now has a positive relationship with her mother. Amy is not perfect and she struggles from time to time, but one thing Amy does know is, "this is the first time in my life that I feel like I'm part of a real family.”

Boys Town New England Foster Parent Information Line: 1-800-847-2025