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How You Can Help

In addition to monetary donations, there are other ways you can provide hope to New England’s hurting children and families. Please contact Boys Town New England at 401-845-2250 if you’re interested in any of the following opportunities.

Strengthening Families – Our kids can’t typically afford to attend special events such as Disney, dining out or sporting events. Donate tickets to events in the community for our families to enjoy.

Donation Drives – Our biggest program expenses include typical day-to-day necessities like diapers, formula, baby wipes, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, school supplies, etc. You can contribute directly to the kids by having a donation drive.

Help-a-Child – This is your opportunity to support a single child while they stay at Boys Town. You can help by buying clothes, birthday or holiday gifts, school supplies, etc.

Help-a-Home – Each of our homes have six youth who live with a married couple and their children. Help support us by donating items such as buying new silverware, dishes, flowers, plants or landscaping items – anything that will help make a house a home.

In-Kind Contributions – We are in need of items that will help our kids live independently after program completion. If you have household items in good condition, give us a call.

Volunteer – Perhaps you have a special way you would like to volunteer to help our children. Use your time and talents to help a child today. Create awareness of youth issues in our community and unite with us to improve the way we care for America’s most disadvantaged and fragile citizens - abused, abandoned and neglected children.

Pray – For the children in need in our own communities and all across America, and for the funds to be available to continue to expand and help more children and families.