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Why it Works

Research-Proven Methods

Boys Town's Common Sense Parenting ® (CSP) program stands out from the rest because our methods have been proven by research and is based on the successful Boys Town Education Model ®. The Boys Town Model ® expresses our core values and is the foundation for the services we provide. The Model delivers a consistent structure and lasting, positive results.

Our easy-to-learn techniques address issues of communication, discipline, decision-making, relationships, self-control and school success for families in all situations. Read testimonials from parents who've completed the class.

Research Summary

Early studies examined CSP results based on parent and family characteristics. Results indicated improvement in child behavior, parent attitudes, family satisfaction and parent problem-solving ability. Additionally, CSP participants reported statistically and clinically significant reductions in child behavior problems that were maintained at a three-month follow-up.

A recent evaluation of CSP was completed as part of a research project and in collaboration with the Center for At-Risk Children's Services at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Participants, many with significant risk factors, were referred to the CSP program through various sources. Results revealed statistically significant increases in positive parenting beliefs and practices, and reductions in parenting stress and parent-reported child behavior problems.

Common Sense Parenting is rated as promising by the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare.

To learn more about Common Sense Parenting and the proven-research behind it, download this information.


The following reviews are from actual parents who completed the Common Sense Parenting class. Call 401-662-0877 to register today!

  • "I have learned a lot from this program. Now I know how to make better decisions other than yelling or arguing with my children."
  • "The instructors had the ability to relate to the parents' struggles and gave us hope that things could change."
  • "The classes helped me learn to to control my temper by walking away and calming down."
  • "The instructor was amazing, awesome and funny. She made me think about my actions with my children."
  • "They were able to personalize the class to help me with my unique family situation."

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