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On the Frontline for Families

​Give the Gift That Saves Families, Supports Schools and Strengthens Our Communities

The Problem

Many boys and girls in our community are on a fast track to failure. Every day, they face academic frustration, poor school attendance and impoverished, chaotic home environments. If things don’t change in their lives, they’ll continue this cycle of poverty, parenting struggles and school failure as adults with their own children.

The Solution

Breaking this cycle will require a collaborative effort so that families can get the support they so desperately want and need. This is best done by providing effective services through the schools.

Since 2014, four local schools have been working with a coalition of community organizations, including Boys Town Nevada, to provide much-needed services to students and their families through a school-based initiative. This collaborative, focused effort provides families with access to immediate assistance so students can focus on what’s most important – their education.

Funding for the first two years of this initiative was provided through a $2 million grant from the Engelstad Family Foundation.

Your Help is Needed

The ​​Engelstad Family Foundation has pledged $5 million to extend this school-based initiative and expand services to as many as 28 local schools and their families over the next four years. The pledge is contingent on Boys Town Nevada raising a matching $5 million for the project.

This $10 million effort will mean...

  • Boys Town Nevada Counselors are on site in up to 28 area schools.
  • Struggling students and parents have immediate access to help.
  • At-risk families have advocates who will support, guide and encourage them.
  • Parenting, counseling and family support programs are always accessible.
  • Families are connected with the resources to meet their basic needs.

A $1 million gift has already been made by Boys Town’s national office because this program has proven to be so effective and empowering for children and families.

The remaining $4 million must come from caring supporters like you! All gifts, big and small, will help bring this life-changing initiative to children and families in need. Give today to be a part of the solution!

Want more information? Download ou​r Case for Support to see the success students have already experienced in the first two years of the program and to learn more about how this initiative can strengthen our community.