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Syracuse Junior High Student Council Officers Visit Boys Town

The Syracuse, Nebraska, ​Junior High Student Council officers visited Boys Town on Monday, April 20, for their annual field trip excursion. It was the ninth consecutive year the group chose to come to Boys Town.

Student Council sponsor Sallie Agena said the kids talk from year-to-year and they have passed down the tradition of the yearly visit to Boys Town to their younger classmates. She said the youth have a choice as to where they want to go, and every year it’s "we want to go back to Boys Town."

Agena’s students began their day by meeting with Boys Town National Executive Director Father Steven Boes. They then went to Wegner Middle School, meeting kids their age, and taking part in Wegner’s Opening celebration.

The tour also included visits to the Boys Town Hall of History, the Family Home of Lon and Marie Ruhter, Dowd Chapel, the Headquarters building, the ever-popular Palrang Field House and a quick pep talk from Boys Town football Coach Kevin Kush.

The first time Agena brought Syracuse kids to Boys Town, she remembers taking some cash from her purse and placing it into the glass donation case at the Hall of History. The visit moved her to do so. Every year since, the Syracuse Middle School Student Council has voted to make a donation to Boys Town. That total after nine years now stands at $3,500. This year the group donated $500.

“It’s not a lot, but it’s a donation where our kids can see the actual results,” Agena said. “It’s a local charity that they learn about and they can feel good about helping. It’s a trip the kids look forward to and it truly is a highlight of their school year.”