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Creighton Basketball Team Gives Back

From the founding ​of Boys Town in 1917, Fr. Flanagan emphasized the importance of athletics, believing that sports play a therapeutic role in the lives of children. Sports help kids stay fit and active in conjunction with teaching them important life skills such as teamwork and discipline.

The Creighton University basketball team has been involved with Boys Town in a variety of ways over the years. The athletes are a group of young men that serve as positive models of commitment and hard work for the youth of Boys Town. On Sunday, July 12, they decided to give back to Boys Town by spending their evening instilling in kids the positive impact sports can have in their lives.

The team conducted a basketball clinic for Wegner Middle School students. The athletes led drills and played games with the middle school children, promoting an encouraging atmosphere. The kids participating had a great evening improving their basketball skills and interacting with role models that display determination and perseverance in all that they do.

The clinic held by the Creighton Basketball Team was a great success and fun-filled event for the middle school kids. Many left with prizes such as Creighton basketballs or autographs from the players. The athletes in turn left with a greater understanding of the important role Boys Town plays in the Omaha community. When the final buzzer sounded the middle school kids left the court receiving high fives and a new found confidence!