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Boys Town Helps New Parents Make a New Start

Stan and Marcia Smith were ill-prepared to become new parents. When Marcia gave birth to twin boys with serious medical problems, the responsibilities they faced were suddenly overwhelming.

A few months after the boys went home from the hospital, the state removed them from the family’s home because the couple wasn’t able to properly care for them. It was a heartbreaking blow. Stan and Marcia loved their new babies dearly, and the thought of being separated from them was almost too much to bear.

In reality, they understood why the boys were taken. The boys needed constant care and nurturing, something Stan and Marcia just didn’t know how to provide. Besides, Stan was only working part-time and the apartment they shared with another family wasn’t the best place to raise healthy babies, let alone two infants who needed constant attention. And Stan had suffered from a mental illness for years, a circumstance that further hindered his efforts to be a good dad.

But the Smiths weren’t about to give up. When they were referred to Boys Town In-Home Family Services®, they jumped at the chance to turn things around so they could get their baby boys back.

A trained Family Consultant began working with them in their home. The Consultant taught Stan and Marcia effective parenting skills, including the importance of regularly monitoring and addressing their children’s medical needs. She also connected Stan with a local mental health professional who began providing much-need counseling.

While the twins remained in foster care, Stan and Marcia achieved some major milestones. Stan got a full-time job and they found a new, larger home of their own. The couple also continued to improve their parenting skills, went to all of the boys’ doctor appointments and worked on their own relationship. Stan made great progress in his therapy sessions and started to regain control of his life.

Most importantly, the Smiths grew more confident in their parenting abilities and committed themselves to doing everything they possibly could to bring their family back together.
After months of hard work and steady progress, Stan and Marcia finally were able to welcome their boys home for good. Through tears, the now-capable parents told the babies, and each other, they would never be apart again.

Today, the family is doing well and the twins are growing and thriving. The Smiths are proud of the parents they’ve become, and they’re quick to credit Boys Town for giving them a new beginning.

But the real credit goes to Stan and Marcia, two loving parents who were willing to learn and change to give their children the healthy, happy life they deserve.

The stories provided about the children and families in our care are real. In some cases, names and details may be changed, and stock photos may be used, to protect their privacy and therapeutic interests.