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Where in Nebraska can you...

See a Genuine Academy Award Best ​Actor Oscar

In 1939 the actor Spencer Tracy was presented the Academy Award for his protayal of Father Edward Flanagan in the motion picture Boys Town. When accepting the Oscar Tracy credited Father Flanagan for inspiring his performance. Tracy sent the Oscar to Father Flanagan adding a plaque dedicating it to his work to heal children. Today the Oscar is on display in the Hall of History museum.

View the Largest Ball of Stamps in the World

Stamp collecting was one of the hobbies Father Edward Flanagan encouraged the boys to undertake. Groups of boys would gather to review canceled stamps donated by supporters. The boys decided to try to create the largest stamp ball they could. When they finished, their ball was recognized by Ripley’s Believe it or Not as the largest stamp ball in the world. It contains 4,655,000 canceled stamps. The Stamp Ball is on display in the Boys Town Visitor Center.

Visit the Home of Father Flanagan

In December, 1917 a young Irish immigrant priest opened a home for boys in Omaha. The home welcomed children of all races and religions, and followed a philosophy of love, care, and understanding. President Franklin Roosevelt stated “America needs 49 more Father Flanagan’s” one for each state. The work of Father Flanagan spread across America and around the world. In 2012 the cause was opened to make him a saint in the Catholic Church.

See Baseballs Signed by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig

After winning the World Series in 1927 New York Yankee players Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig came to Boys Town to meet Father Flanagan and the boys. They both were impressed by Father Flanagan and his mission, and became supporters. Ruth would autograph bushel baskets of baseballs for the Home to sell. Mrs. Lou Gehrig presented Boys Town with a bronze bust of her husband. Today in the Hall of History you can see an autographed Babe Ruth baseball and Gehrig’s bust.

Tour the Campus Mother Teresa Herself Visited

In the early 1970’s Boys Town created the Father Flanagan Award for Service to Youth. This award recognized individuals who through their work had positively impacted the lives of children. Mother Teresa of Calcutta was presented the award in 1976. In honor of her visit a Boys Town street was named Mother Teresa Lane. For her dedication to serving children and the poor the Catholic Church declared her Saint Mother Teresa.

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