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Care Coordination Services

Care Coordination Services is an intensive case management program that helps youth who are preparing to leave foster care because they are turning 18 to transition into independent living.

Every year, approximately 18,000 youth "age-out" of the foster care system. These youth often do not get the support they need to complete high school completion, find employment, access health care, pursue postsecondary educational opportunities, obtain adequate housing and make transitional living arrangements.

Studies of youth who have left foster care show that they are more likely to not finish high school, be unemployed and be dependent on public assistance than youth in the general population. Many will end up in prison, be homeless or become parents at an early age.

At age 24, only half will be employed and less than 3% will have earned a college degree. In addition one in four will have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder at twice the rate of United States war veterans, and 71% of females will be pregnant by age 21.

Through visits and meetings, trained Family Consultants work with youth and other involved parties (school personnel, therapists, coaches, dependency case managers, juvenile probation officers, attorneys) to identify strengths and needs, and link these young people to support services so they can finish school, get a job and find a place to live.